Revendo “Na Natureza Selvagem”

Revendo “Na Natureza Selvagem”, eu lembrei de um monologo em voice over que a irmã do personagem principal faz sobre o desaparecimento voluntário do irmão.
Tão forte quando ela admite que ela mesma sente saudades e se sente abandonada, tanto quanto os pais. Um segredo bem íntimo, ou uma ilusão recém destruída.

Do roteiro:

“It would be Christmas in a couple of months. And the last news we’d had was about his car being found. I woke up a couple of days ago, and for the first time, I was surprised to realize that it wasn’t only my parents who hadn’t heard from Chris. I wondered why he hadn’t tried to call in case I might answer. He could’ve hung up if it wasn’t me. But why he didn’t send a letter, maybe through a friend. I got mad. But I told myself it was good. It made me remember that there was something more than rebellion, more than anger that was driving him. Chris had always been driven, had always been an adventurer. When he was four years old, he once wandered six blocks away from home at three o’clock in the morning. He was found in a neighbor’s kitchen, upon a chair, digging into their candy drawer. Whatever drawer he was opening now must have something sweet in it.”


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